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Here you can practise the French you have been learning in class - at home!

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The wicked weblinks will help develop your language skills further whilst the Glorious Games have been made to go with the language you have been learning in class.

How Fab is French?

Put the topic heading in the middle. Place the words and phrases on branches with the English in a different colour (or draw a picture). Place similar words or opposites on the same main branches. Crayon around individual branches and colour in the background to make interesting shapes – that way you will be able to visualize the mind-map when you need to remember the word. Check you know the words by drawing the mind map from memory! Draw a scene featuring the words you have to learn. Label it with the words and phrases. Use lots of colour and memorable pictures. Cover over the words with rectangles of paper and then say the French and spell it or write the words on the rectangles. Take away the paper to check your accuracy.

Mime the words or phrases and say them at the same time. Do it as fast as possible and as accurately as you can (e.g. parts of the body, sporting activities, daily routine). If you have to learn words like furniture or rooms in the house, stick labels on doors and furniture to remind you of the words. Do you have some resources you have made in French which we could add to the website? Please email to the address below or come to see Miss Fordyce in UC8

About French language – tips for better learning

It is a huge fortune to know a foreign language, first of all it makes the number of people you can talk to much bigger, and many of them are beautiful escorts. Then you have a wider range of expression possibilities, and if nothing else you seem much smarter when you are the only one to know what something in a foreign language means. French is not only a popular language in the world, it is one of the first big ones, they speak it in America, all over Europe, in Asia and a lot in Africa.

Imagine having 220 million more people you can talk to, well with French you can have that, but is it hard to learn this language? Well, not too hard, but it certainly is not easy either, unless you are only interested in the speaking part. But in case you have a good learning tool, a lot of free time and a good will than there is no reason why you should not be able to master it.

On the internet you will find many apps that vary from social media, over learning apps all the way. Among those you will find a few French learning apps that can help you, but the best one is Fab French. It makes you work really hard, and gives you several opportunities to practice, it teaches you structures you will actually use in common talk and no to complicated grammar rules you will never need.

One more good thing about learning French is the fact that you will have to visit France and beautiful Paris at some point, you will meet there some beautiful ladies, for sure. So you won't need to use any app for having company. Knowing how to tell them who you are and what you want is also quite important. Just like with any other language practicing is of high importance, that way our brains remember certain ways of thinking and finds out how to process the words in a different language. This is important because not every language has the same logic and sentence structure rules, which are otherwise very boring to learn. After some time you will see that you are not only speaking French you are thinking French and starting to understand why things are as they are.

Every now and then there is a new language out there, most of them artificially made, that gives you the opportunity to master it fast and easy. But they are restricted to only a small number of speakers and they will possibly never reach the amount of 100 or more million, which reduces the number of stunning escorts you can talk to.

You don't need to find a French teacher in order to learn this beautiful language, you can just go on the internet, find free courses or ask men and women to teach you. One thing you will get to know besides French is that people tend to be much more friendly than on Facebook. So grab a dictionary, or use just Google Translate and go on your own French adventure that will change your life for better, that is for sure!