Why you should learn French

There are plenty of reasons to learn a new language that is foreign and not usual in your country. First of all it gives you plenty of possibilities to get a job just for knowing that language, which can be quite important and a huge pro. Then it gives you the opportunity to talk to much more people and learn about new interesting cultures and histories from their sources and not out of the translated versions. But why French?

More than 220 million people speak it and outside of France, they are usually those who are highly educated and need people that will understand the same language. They speak it in Switzerland too and in most of the Europe, so you will never be lost even in those places where English is just one more language.

French is the language of culture, it was used during the artistically richest periods of our history in a place of one of the biggest cultures we ever had. Many artworks are written in this language, and lose many of their charm and significance while being translated. That is the case with many other languages too.

It is quite easy to reach the level where you can communicate with other people in French, and mostly it is fun to learn. Since France is a popular tourist destination and the language is also spoken in Canada, Africa and other interesting parts of the world, it is also an important travel language.

If you want to master Spanish, Italian, Portuguese or perhaps Romanian one day, than you should start that journey with French. It is a good base for all those ones and English too, since they all are Romance languages and have many things in common. Let's just take a moment and imagine you could speak all these languages, that would be amazing, the world would seem like an open book to you, just waiting to be read.