Amazing French language facts

We all know France is an amazing country itself, without taking any culture or language facts in count. But when it comes to the language, there are some quite interesting things to be said about, and here is our list of the most fun ones.

The English language is actually 30% French, since the first one is much older. The big influence started with the Norman conquest in the 11th century of Britain. That way they spread this beautiful language and made the la Manche neighbors use many of their words.

Ballet is a dance version of French, since all the phrases and names are out of this language. Consider learning French before you take on the dance classes, it will be much easier that way.

Beside dance, French shaped also the culinary scene, with many names that stayed in this language and many delicious foods. Ah, the baguette and croissant.

Since French is big in Africa and every day more and more people are learning it, one day it will be much bigger than today. But the biggest reason for that is the demography of Africa, with more people being born than die. The predictions say that by 2050 more than 750 million people will speak French in the world, which is more than 3 times bigger than the today's number - 220 million. And since 1945 the number has also tripled, because all French and Belgian colonies kept this language as their native one.

If you learn French you will be able to understand more than 500 new movies every year, and much more books, since France is a huge film and literary industry. You can do so on one of over 630 French language universities and from more than 120 thousand professors from all over the world.

We will end with a history fact - by the time of the French revolution more than 75% of people living in this country did not speak it as their mother language.