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About Me.

Bienvenue sur mon site ! Bonjour! Je m’appelle Fabienne, je suis française et j’enseigne le français depuis plus de 16 ans. Je viens de Rouen, une très jolie ville médiévale au cœur de la Normandie. J’adore partager ma passion pour ma langue maternelle et pour la France, sa culture, son histoire et bien sur sa gastronomie ! J’adore voyager et découvrir de nouvelles cultures. J’enseigne le français aux enfants et aux adultes de tous âges et de tous niveaux. Chacune de mes leçons est adaptée aux besoins et au niveau de mes élèves. J’ai obtenu mon diplôme d’enseignant en Angleterre et je suis aussi examinatrice DELF A1-B2 habilitée.


First of all….did you understand the gist of the above paragraph? Oui- yes?  Non – No ? Un petit peu – A little bit? Let's check how much you understood!


Welcome to my website. Hello! My name is Fabienne, I am French and I have been teaching French for over 16 years. I come from Rouen, a very beautiful city in the heart of Normandy. I love sharing my passion for my mother tongue, France, its culture, its history and of course its gastronomy! I love travelling and discovering new cultures. I teach French to children and adults of all ages and all levels. Each lesson is adapted to my pupils’ needs and ability. I am fully qualified and I am also qualified to prepare and assess for the French DELF diploma.



My Journey So Far...

I started studying English in France and then decided to go and teach in Scotland to finish my studies. I asked my Dean of University to find me a school as far as possible from Rouen as I did not want to be tempted to come back at weekends...My wish was indeed granted as any further would have led me to swim in the North Sea....when I opened my letter confirming what school I would be teaching at...I was eager to look on the map...this is when I found out that it would be impossible indeed to come back from Fraserburgh every week.....This is where I completed my Master Degree and wrote my thesis about Nationalism in The Grampian Region (350 pages....) . This new adventure was quite challenging at first as I soon realised that the pupils I taught to mainly talked their local dialect the "Doric", suddenly I had to abandon some of the perfect English sentences I had been learning and speak "Doric" like the locals. This was a great way as well to encourage my pupils to learn French since I was learning their own language. My first encounter with this beautiful dialect was "Fit like ?" I was at first quite confused and wondered why my pupils wanted to know whether I kept fit. I soon learnt that they were just asking me how I was.....I became also rapidly acquainted to a whole new range of dishes I had never tried or heard of before ! 


I had a wonderful experience in Scotland, I was able to discover a new culture, a new language and so many people from different walks of life. It was also a journey of self-discovery, from being extremely shy at school I became able to express myself in another language and share my passion for my mother tongue. 


It was not until quite a few years later that I decided to go into teaching, I started with working as a tutor for La Jolie Ronde. I loved this so much that I decided to become a fully qualified teacher. Whilst studying I worked at Canterbury College teaching French to GCSE and A levels students during the day and in the evening. I was also teaching ESOL and preparing students for their Cambridge exams. I then worked in various secondary schools such as Charles Dickens as well as various nursery schools (my youngest pupil was 18 months old). I was offered a permanent position at St Edmund's in January 2013 where I now have been teaching French to KS1, KS2 , KS3 and KS4. I was also promoted Head of PSHEE 3 years ago. I have now decided to embark on a new adventure and share my passion for my language and my culture in a broader range of settings whilst still teaching to a broad range of ages and abilities. This is how Fab French was born ! 


In terms of qualifications, I have a PGCE, and am qualified to teach and assess for the French DELF diploma (see for details) 

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