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Don't just take my word for it! Here's some of what my lovely clients have been saying...

"Having a professional and efficient French translation service is a vital part of my property development business in France and with rapidly changing technical advancements in the building industry, Fabienne has provided a greatly valued service

Fast, friendly and efficient; Fabienne has translated detailed building surveys, dealt with every step of obtaining essential building permits, written to the local Mayor’s office on behalf of my company and taken the time to explain important aspects that has made running a business in France achievable.


With attention to detail and a cheerful and positive attitude, I would have no hesitation in recommending Fabienne’s translation service: no other French translation service comes anywhere close in terms of quality, speed and professionalism."  Jay Cross - Cross Builder Company  


"I had not studied French since leaving school so returning to a learning environment after 40 years was certainly a challenge for me. However, learning French with Fabienne was not stressful at all. Fabienne’s years of teaching experience and her non-judgemental manner allowed me to learn French in a way that suited my learning style.


Regular one-to-one French lessons every week allowed me to learn new words and phrases and over time, Fabienne was able to encourage me to translate written texts from French books and newspapers and develop French language conversational skills where I now feel more confident ordering in French restaurants and understanding social conversations.


Fabienne makes learning French enjoyable!" Another Person


Fabienne supported our daughter in preparing for her GSCE exams in French. We lived in France for a year where our daughter learned the language, so she was in a special situation by not having French classes at school and not having a French speaking environment at home either. Fabienne was able to perfectly adapt to her learning needs, while keeping her engaged and motivated throughout the year. We very much appreciated Fabienne’s professionalism, kindness and flexibility both in her work with our daughter and in our communication and arrangements. Thank you very much Fabienne for your support!  Kriszta



Fabienne helped me so much with not only French for the exams, but she helped me with practice the language and keep me motivated. Her lessons were always fun and extremely helpful too. She was a lovely teacher and I was able to sit my exams very easily! Thank you Fabienne. Johanna



Fabienne is an excellent French teacher and I highly recommend her. My son wanted to sit his French GCSE 2 years earlier and without Fabienne's support, he would have never reached the level needed to get the top grade. She knew exactly where he needed most of her support and the lessons were always extremely well prepared. She was also very flexible as we had to change few times the dates! She was amazing! Christine 



Fabienne was brilliant in supporting my son through his GCSE French exam. She really helped him to get to grips with the tenses, was thoroughly professional and really engaged with my son, always going above and beyond. Thanks very much Fabienne! Emma (William’s mother)



I found Fabienne to be a great teacher particularly good at preparing me for my exams and giving me confidence! William16 years.

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