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French KS2 - Year 4

In Year 4, pupils develop the following skills:

  • Speaking - I can communicate in a very simple way if my interlocutor speaks slowly and repeats if I do not understand . I can answer simple questions (age, origin, language, where I live). Ask objects, services and return them. Understand and execute simple instructions)

  • Reading - recognise names, the most common words or expressions in simple situations of the everyday life: signs, handwritten indications doubled by icons, prices, schedules; spot and understand quantified data, proper nouns and other very simple information in a short text; identify globally the function of certain common texts of the daily environment or the school environment; understand texts constituted by one or two sentences, containing familiar words and expressions (postcard or instructions).

  • Writing -copy words or brief messages, write figures and dates; recognise various written forms: printed characters, scripts, capital letters and readable handwritten forms; give information about myself: (name, nationality, address, age, date of birth, in questionnaires or index cards of information; write a very simple message concerning the activities of the daily life containing some personal details.

  • Listening -  understand public announcements (schedules, departure, arrival...), predictable instructions, standard recorded messages, repetitive information (educational instructions), in particular if the conditions of listening are good (either noise, or music...), if messages are pronounced slowly and / or clearly, are illustrated (plan, drawings...) or doubled by the paper and repeated.

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